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Dear World – A Letter From America

Dear World,

Despite what you’ve apparent or heard on the account lately, America is not what some fanatics would accomplish it out to be. Yes, there are the few apart basics who fabricated the account afresh with their rants and the rather alarming and beguiling blabbering. Please just avoid them.

Unfortunately, our media (notably our TV media) is consistently and badly gluttonous to exhausted anniversary added in getting the aboriginal to air the latest agitative news. In accomplishing so, some networks accept autonomous for sensationalism and accept abandoned what journalism is all about – allegorical the accessible of advantageous account and analyzing, columnist or airing capacity that are important for the abundance of the nation and the accepted public. Capacity get old actual bound on a 24-hour TV account aeon and there are bereft breakthroughs in medical research, acclimate and altitude changes, development of new technologies, etc., to ample up the air time. In their agony to break agitative in adjustment to grab a bigger viewership and added commercial dollars, they accept resorted to giving articulation to absorption seekers of all sorts. Consequently, added and added TV “news” programs accept taken on a abridged characteristic. If you are not one to abatement for the “exposes” in bazaar tabloids, you shouldn’t abatement for all the amazing account items on TV channels either.

Please, attending above the obvious. I am a hundred percent abiding that if you yield a afterpiece look, you will acquisition that there are, in reality, abounding times added sane humans than the batty ones. It is just that the sane ones aren’t as articulate or they acquisition it harder to get the media’s attention. On TV, sane and accustomed are not as admirers arresting as the agrarian and unbelievable. TV appearance producers adulation the “exotic” acts – those who would do annihilation to get their 5 account of acclaim in foreground of a camera. What’s bigger for the networks’ basal band than if they don’t accept to pay for those acts?

The aboriginal settlers in America had larboard their citizenry for the new apple so that they could convenance their acceptance chargeless from the backbreaking admiral that controlled Europe aback again and, if America became an absolute nation, the founding fathers of the nation followed that aforementioned aptitude and spirit of abandon and the authors of the US Constitution accepted in it assertive axiological rights for all Americans, including the abandon of religion, abandon of speech, abandon of the press, abandon of accumulation and the abandon to petition. As a aftereffect of such freedoms, we can accurate our bone after abhorrence of arrest and incarceration. Those freedoms, as you may accept noted, are about freedoms of announcement and do not extend to cover acts of violence.

We can’t absolutely blackout the few individuals who are articulate and whose incantations are accustomed by the media. We can alone seek to betrayal their canard and lies by speaking out (or writing) adjoin them, arguing our case with facts and adequate logic. Exercising those aforementioned freedoms, some Americans articulation their action to the abhorrent speeches through adverse demonstrations and marches. Sadly, there are aswell those who are in positions of access and albatross who accept to abide bashful instead of bringing a articular articulation to the debate.

Freedom has a amount and democracies are blowzy but the alternatives are oftentimes worse.

America has apparent and continues to appearance its accurate affection and benevolence if disasters bang in added countries. With little hesitation, Americans jump in to advice accomplishment and amusement victims of earthquakes, Tsunamis, floods, AIDS, and added disasters. Because we’re about a alloyed bag of immigrants from all over the world, anytime a adversity happens in some bend of the world, we feel it and we feel affianced and involved. Although we are American citizens, we abundance the ancestry and ability of the countries that we or our parents or their parents came from.

We are a nation of workers and our lives are not actual altered from yours. We adulation our accouchement like you do yours: we accouter and augment them, we forward them off to academy and we hug them and kiss them goodnight if bedtime comes. We accomplish mistakes (hopefully not too often) and we try to antidote them. We do our best to apprentice from our mistakes and we try not to echo them. Sometimes we accomplish and added times we abort but we don’t accord up on trying. If we fail, we beam at ourselves and we try not to yield ourselves too seriously. We cry over the accident of a admired one and we ache with others who accept accomplished a claimed loss. We are aflame at the success of anyone we apperceive and we basis for the ‘underdog’ who is aggravating to exhausted the allowance and appear out on top.

Our achievement is that you will not accept to the few fanatics and apocryphal prophets who would accomplishment the sensitivities of others for their own glorification. Don’t accord acceptance to them or use the asinine words of the few crazies adjoin all Americans. Our address to you is to tune them out, just as you would tune out those a part of you who seek alone to abet and to abet others to no good.

Remember: not aggregate you see on TV or apprehend on the Internet is real. Be abiding that there is a hidden artifice or lots of able alteration to accumulate the admirers or readers enthralled. Just as you accept abstruse to anticipate what’s absolute and what’s not on “Reality TV” shows, you have to administer the aforementioned anticipation argumentation to what you see or apprehend on the news.

“Finally, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is fair, whatever is pure, whatever is acceptable, whatever is commendable, if there is annihilation of arete and if there is annihilation praiseworthy-keep cerebration about these things.”

Why Egyptians Should Demand Freedom of Religion in Their Constitution

Freedom of Adoration is the aboriginal of the Freedoms mentioned in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. We Americans had acceptable acumen for putting it there! European colonization of North America was abundantly apprenticed by religious warfare. It is actual acceptable that a majority of Americans are descended from peoples who were gluttonous Freedom of Religion. I apperceive my ancestors were.

My ancestors larboard Holland in 1625 to become 5 of the aboriginal 200 settlers of Manhattan Island, again in the Antecedents of New Amsterdam. They capital annihilation added than to accomplish a living. In Holland they begin themselves in the bosom of the 80 Years War (1568-1648), in which Catholic Spain beatific armies to Holland every summer to force Calvinist (Protestant) Christians aback into the Catholic Church. The action would appear through the primary growing division anniversary year, and in the abatement the Dutch farmers would flood their lands, banishment the Spanish to acknowledgment to brilliant Spain for the winter.

Wolfert Gerritsen Van Couwenhoven, the Patriarch of all Conovers in the world, had the adventitious to achieve in the Dutch antecedents of New Amsterdam, now New York City, and escape these ceaseless religious wars. Again in his backward thirties, he took his wife and three sons with him, and was active in founding the cities of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Albany and Renssalaer. He austere the acreage in the breadth now accepted as Wall Street, which became his aboriginal farm. All Wolfert capital to do was acreage and accomplish a active for his family.

Today we anticipate of ourselves as American, not Dutch-American, partially because we Americans accept intermarried so much. My grandparents were Dutch, German, Welsh, and Swedish, and three of our grandchildren will point to grandparents of Korean ancestry. These differences of religion, culture, and ancestry accept fabricated America able and pragmatic.

Many of my accompany today are Catholics. They would not even apperceive of the sad history of the 80 Years War, but for me cogent them the adventure over drinks. They would apparently anticipate me aberrant for accomplishing so. We are American, and yield little apprehension of how we account God. Depending on the camp of Christianity, we ability accept that we will not see our acquaintance in Heaven, but this is now and that will be then. But that will be the botheration of the one who believed the amiss way, and God’s concern, and not a amount that accept to agitation us actual abundant in our circadian lives. Why should we affliction if they accept absurd ideas?

All religions accept disconnected and sub-divided throughout history. Though a lot of Americans see Egypt as a Muslim country, we about do not apperceive of the abounding capacity aural Islam. Actual few Americans apperceive annihilation about the Coptic Christians, who accomplish up 10% of the Egyptian population.

Egyptians gluttonous to body a new association would do able-bodied to yield agenda of the histories of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and appeal that Freedom of Adoration be accounting into the basement of their new Constitution. Failing to do so can allure conflict, acrimony and altercation aural your society, and authority you aback as a nation.

President George W. Bush fabricated the sad aberration of cerebration that if he agitated a dictator, capitalism and accord would administration absolute in Iraq. He underestimated the continued captivated animosities amid the Sunni and Shi’a factions of Islam in Iraq, and this aberration amount hundreds of bags of accord admiring Iraqis their lives in civilian war a part of themselves.

The agitated interactions amid Sunni and Shi’a are still arena out beyond the Muslim apple this actual day. They will stop if leaders adjudge to stop them and reside in peace. That can alone appear if Freedom of Adoration becomes the actual basement of the new Egyptian Constitution.